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Due to our many years of experience, we are able to manage and arrange any kind of fashion projects. Our experience includes fashion shows, editorials, fashion videos, fashion projects... anything can come, and we make it fashionable and fresh! We are familiar with the requirements of TV commercials and commercial shootings. As we are working in many national and international productions, we have a deep understanding of client needs and we provide our service on a professional level. We are also able to fulfill any challenges and expectations. Our six years of experience at Viva and Music Television covers TV projects as well as producing – we are exclusively working with VJ-s and presenters and we are available to shape up the presenters' image.
Commercial Styling
and Costume design

Photo commercial
Tv commercial
Product photo styling
Tv Production styling

TV shows
Magazine shows
Presenter personal styling
Interior styling

Magazine interior Editorial
Restaurant interior design
Office design
Fashion Styling
Bazaar pages
Fashion Editorial
Doll shootingt
Uniform design
Restaurant uniform
working Uniform